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Cleaning method of squid

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We often have food poisoning due to eating unclean squid products. How can we clean the squid when we eat it?

In order to sell squid well and keep it for a long time, hotel restaurants like to "keep fresh" squid. In order to keep fresh and pursue a good sale, some illegal traders use chemical products to "keep the face" of squid: "Jiaoya" bubbles out squid; formaldehyde can "bring the deteriorated squid back to life", sodium benzoate can "keep the squid young forever" How can we get rid of these harmful substances?

Put them all in a basin! Then add a little residual detergent in the water! Part of the water covered by the residual detergent is isolated from the air, and squid will feel lack of oxygen in the water! It will stretch out the body to breathe! This will achieve the cleaning effect!! if you want to clean again, change the water several times more! Add residual detergent! Note! Residual detergent is suitable, don't add too much! Otherwise, they can't breathe in it, it's easy to smother Die!

Do not soak squid with detergent, such as detergent. These substances are difficult to clean and easy to remain in squid, causing secondary pollution.

Experts said that in fact, when we eat squid in our daily life, it's better not to go to the street stall to eat it, or we should eat it at home. We must pay attention to the hygiene and cleanliness of squid.

Applicable population: the average person can eat it.

Applicable Quantity: 30-50g each time.

Special tips: squid should be cooked thoroughly before eating, because there is a polypeptide in fresh squid, people with deficiency of spleen and stomach should eat less.

[mushroom and squid soup]

Raw materials: 100g squid, 50g mushroom, 20g shrimp, 20g minced meat, 30g winter bamboo shoots, cooking wine, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, shallot, Shuidian powder, pepper, cooked lard and sesame oil.

Preparation: cut the squid into 3 cm long diagonal squares, blanch it in boiling water, remove and drain; remove the mushroom, wash it and cut into pieces; Add lard to the pot and cook. Stir fry the chopped green onion, minced meat, sliced winter bamboo shoots, and sliced mushrooms. Pour in clear water. Then add in the soaked shrimps, cooking wine, refined salt and sugar. After boiling, put in the squid slices. After a while, thicken them with lake powder. Add in MSG, pepper and sesame oil.