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Shape characteristics of squid

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There is a pair of developed gills around the mouth on both sides of the head. It is often active in the upper middle of the shallow sea, with a vertical movement range of more than 100 meters. The body is long and thin, and is eaten by krill, sardine, silver and Chinese fish, and is the prey of fierce fish. The eggs mature in batches and are produced in batches. The eggs are wrapped in colloidal egg sheath. Each egg sheath wraps several to hundreds of eggs with different species, and the spawning amount of different species varies greatly, from hundreds to tens of thousands. Squid has two gills as respiratory organs; The body is divided into head and short neck Chinese squid (commonly known as "squid"). The meat is delicate and the dried products are called "dried squid". The meat is particularly good. It is famous in the seafood market at home and abroad with an annual output of 40000-50000 tons. The main fishing grounds are in the northern Gulf of Hainan, Southern Fujian, Taiwan Bay, Bohai Bay of Guangdong, Hebei and Guangxi coastal areas, as well as the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand coastal areas. The north of the South China Sea The squid produced in Buwan and Bohai Bay is the best.

Squid, although they are usually called fish, in fact, it is not a fish, but a mollusk living in the ocean, with a slender body, a long cone, and a suction cup at the front. Squid has two gills as respiratory organs, and its body is divided into head, short neck and trunk. The body is slender and long tapered, two of which are longer. In taxonomy, squid belongs to Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Diptera, decabrachia. Both sides of the head have a pair of developed eyes and wrist feet around the mouth.